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What is A+ Content?

A+ Content is a free tool that you can use to increase conversions for your products. You can see a great example of it below from Campari:

This sits just under the product description on the product page, and it is another way of converting people into a customer. By putting some high-quality images showing off your brand and product, along with some engaging copy that tells the customer why you are so much more special than your competitors is really valuable. If you do this effectively, you can actually increase sales by 5%! See some of the top tips below for how to do this.

Tip #1

If you sell a variety of products, you can easily show a comparison of them laid out on a table like this. This creates 'clickable' links to products that customers would be better suited to, which is much better than them clicking on a competitor's product that is recommended under your A+ Content slot. This also gives you an opportunity to show off your product's key value propositions (you can see below Ethique is showing its sustainability credentials in the form of bottles used). If you owned a gin company, you might want to compare the botanicals used, where it was made, and if it has won certain awards. If you owned a chocolate company, you might want to add the flavors of the different chocolates you sell, if it is traceable, where it was made, etc.

Some people worry that this confuses the customer, but actually it does the opposite. Show your product range in this way allows the customer to make an informed decision and completely understand that they are buying the right product for them. Plus, as I mentioned, it is better you are recommending your own products than Amazon recommending your competitors.

Tip #2

Make it long! I normally hate it when people create large amounts of content. It can bore the customer and wastes time. However, this is the only time when the opposite is true. Below is what Amazon puts below your A+ Content, so you want as few customers to reach that section. Equally, if they do reach that part, you want your A+ Content to be good enough for them to already have decided on your product.

To prevent your A+ Content from being boring, or even worse turning customers off your brand, then I would follow these tips.

Tip #3

Get your imagery to pop! Like with everything to do with Digital Marketing, the attention economy is a tough one to crack. You want to 'stop people's thumb', and get them to learn more about why your brand and product are so amazing. The easiest way to do this is by creating really strong assets that make the customer want to take notice. This can be anything... it just needs to be:

  1. Relevant to your brand (if you are selling Alcohol, photos of Happy Children playing with puppies probably isn't the best idea).

  2. Colorful - Strong colors draw people in. I'm not saying make it off-brand, but you should consider splashes of color to draw people's attention.

  3. High Quality - Noone likes a pixelated image... including your customers.

Tip #4

Tell your story! This should be Tip #1 for any digital marketing exercise, and this especially rings true for A+ Content. Your product "About This Item" is normally limited, you need to plug it in with limited value propositions. However, A+ Content can be a great place to show off your brand's story. Look at Proper Corn's Content below which shows their story, and more information about why their brand and products are so unique.

If you need any help with your A+ Content or anything else with Amazon, get in contact to book a free consultation with an Amazon Professional!

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